Rebound Burns Survivor Fund

The Julian Burton Burns Trust has partnered with the NAB to establish the Rebound Burns Survivor Fund to support burns survivors on their road to recovery.

The impact of severe burn injury can be devastating not only for the burns survivor but also their family. This fund has been established to provide financial assistance to support burn survivors with their physical, emotional and psychosocial recovery once they leave the hospital setting.

A DVD was launched in December 2014 to introduce the Rebound Burns Survivor Fund to NAB staff and their customers in SA & NT. Click here to find out more about Rebound.

Financial assistance will be via an application process and done in consultation with hospitals and allied health professionals to determine the financial need post hospitalisation. Please stay tuned for further information.

For further information or to donate to this cause, please contact Beck on 08 7220 2197 or email

In an emergency call 000
Remove any clothing and jewellery from the affected area to allow effective cooling of the burn.
Cool the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes - this will stop the burning process and also help ease the pain.
Cover the burn with a clean lint free cloth or if it is a large area, cover loosely with cling wrap to lessen the chance of infection.
Seek medical advice if the burn is larger than a 20 cent piece or on the face, hands, feet or groin area.