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First Aid Lesson Plan

Do your students know the correct steps for burns first aid? New research has revealed that two in three Australians mistakenly believe that minor burns are best treated with 'home remedies', with an alarming 50% of Australian adults believing that applying ice or an icepack to a burn can help.

National Burns Awareness Month (1-30 June), has been established by the Julian Burton Burns Trust and Burnaid to raise awareness of the correct first aid treatment for minor burns - cool running water for 20 minutes. 

Building on our successful South Australian burns education program, BurnSafe, we are providing all schools and early learning centres nationally with the opportunity to provide correct burns first aid knowledge to their students with a simple lesson plan.

This stand-alone lesson plan for National Burns Awareness Month enables teachers and educators to deliver a lesson based on the correct first aid treatment of 'Remove - Cool - Cover' for minor burns.

First Aid Lesson Plan for Primary Schools


National Burns Awareness Month Lesson Introduction Letter

Lesson Plan and Materials

Lesson Plan Primary

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Lesson Quiz

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Student Quiz Sheet

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First Aid Session Activity for Early Learning Centres


National Burns Awareness Month Lesson Introduction Letter

Session Activity Material

Download  Learn and Colour Cool Drop Song

Download First Aid Steps Colour In

Further Activities

Further Planning Educator Resource Book



In an emergency call 000
Remove any clothing and jewellery from the affected area to allow effective cooling of the burn.
Cool the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes - this will stop the burning process and also help ease the pain.
Cover the burn with a clean lint free cloth or if it is a large area, cover loosely with cling wrap to lessen the chance of infection.
Seek medical advice if the burn is larger than a 20 cent piece or on the face, hands, feet or groin area.