Melbourne Cup Front Runner Luncheon 2016

Tuesday the 1st of November 2016 saw delightful weather here in Adelaide, with a slight cool breeze. The recent sun was reason as good as any for a dress to celebrate the day at hand.

The Julian Burton Burns Trust held their Melbourne Cup Front Runner Luncheon at the divine venue, the Hotel Richmond which is located in Rundle Mall.

The Melbourne Cup Front Runner Luncheon was a sellout, in true high intensity fashion.

Starting the day as an employee of the Julian Burton Burns Trust saw the creation of the Great Wall of Wine, proudly assembled by John Weeks. The Great Wall of Wine contained a gigantic 300 donated bottles of wine from across all regions of South Australia. Each bottle was individually numbered and bagged accordingly. Thus, when a ticket was purchased for the Great Wall of Wine, the supporter did not know what was inside the bag…
What a surprise!

We would like to say a huge thank you to John for his time and effort in sourcing the wines and to the wineries for providing us with their sought after stock, which gave the wall vitality and without whose sponsorship this would not have been possible.

The arrival of the guests saw a cocktail of Pimms and fresh fruit on the Hotel Richmond balcony, overlooking Rundle Mall, and listening to the acoustic sounds of Brian Dodd.

Throughout the day a number of sweepstakes took place and was a popular point among the punters of Melbourne Cup, who were trying to pick a winner. The entrée of pumpkin and halloumi salad was laid and the room’s eyes were locked on the televisions above.

Best dressed was not a hard choice, as each guest came dressed in style, and an array of colours were captured by Transki Photography’s Tuan Tran, as featured in this article.

The alternate drop main course was laid out prior to the start of the race and the glasses of sparkling, red and white wines and Cooper’s brewery beer were flowing.

2:30pm saw the lights brighten and the sound turned up in the venue and a majority of the guests rise from their seats.

The results were as follows:





17. Almandin



13. Heartbreak City



6. Hartnell


The room had a blend of screams of excitement for the winning places and arms in the air for those that tried to pick a winning folly.

The dessert and cheese platters were discreetly set and the celebrations continued throughout the afternoon, with new friends being made.

Thus, the day was a success in selling out all available tickets within the Hotel Richmond, delicious food, an engaging race and joyous entertainment!

For Melbourne Cup 2017 we are securing a larger venue as we speak and looking to go bigger and better. Please keep your eyes out for further information on our Melbourne Cup Front Runner Luncheon for 2017 on our website.



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