Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2015/16 . SUPPORT


The impact of severe burn injury is devastating not only for burn survivors but also their families. Burn injury occurs in the blink of an eye but the physical, psycho-social and emotional consequences last a lifetime. The Burns Trust is committed to facilitating and enabling support programs for burn survivors and their families through the annual Adult Burn Survivor Education & Support Forum and Rebound Burns Survivor Fund.

Adult Burn Survivor Education & Support Forum

In 2015/16 we held two Adult Burn Survivor Education & Support Forums with the support of Molnlycke Healthcare and Clipsal by Schneider Electric.

Over 60 burn survivors and their families attended the 2015 Forum in Sydney in July and over 45 burns survivors and their families attended the 2016 Forum in June in Adelaide.

Both forums were organised and facilitated by the Burns Forum Committee which is made up of allied health professionals from WA, SA, QLD and NSW as well as burn survivors and is chaired by the Burns Trust.

Attendees heard about the latest in physiotherapy and exercise and given practical strategies for coping with ongoing psychological & emotional challenges. The forum also provided a unique opportunity for burn survivors to connect with others who have shared similar experiences and provided 'Family Member Sessions' for learning how to better support loved ones.

Pinery Bushfire Appeal

In November 2015, the Pinery Bushfires claimed the lives of two people and left five with serious burn injuries. In response to this tragedy, $25,000 was donated by our partners Clarke Energy, Clipsal by Schneider Electric, Lions Club of Brighton and the SA Power Networks Employee Foundation. These funds were presented to the Royal Adelaide Hospital Burns Service in March 2016 and the funds can be accessed by Pinery Bushfire survivors and their families to cover out of pocket expenses as a result of their hospitalisation and rehabilitation.

Rebound Burns Survivor Fund

The Rebound Burns Survivor Fund, partnered with the NAB was established in December 2014 to support burn survivors and their families across SA and NT and provide them with financial assistance once they leave the hospital setting.

In 2015/16, funds were provided to support two burn survivors on their road to recovery; $5,000 was awarded for a Nursing Degree in SA and an NT recipient received a portable air-condition unit, fridge, washing machine, microwave, robotic vacuum cleaner amongst other necessities, allowing him to live more independently than otherwise able and improve his quality of his life. The NAB SA & NT State Leadership team also volunteered their time to help set-up and give his home in Darwin a make-over.

Pictured below are NAB staff selling safe flame candles for their 2015 Christmas Rebound Fundraiser and NAB Retail General Manager, Gregg Harris with burn survivor Tim and Julian Burton. Tim was a recipient of the NAB Rebound Burns Survivor Fund in 15/16.