Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2015/16 . CARE


In 2015/16 the Burns Trust was committed once again to reducing the incidence and impact of burn injury across Australia and New Zealand by advancing world class care through the National Community Grants Program, Professional Development & Education Programs and Patient Care Services.

National Community Grants Program

In 2015/16 over $97,000 was allocated to the burns community through the National Community Grants Program to fund world-class burns prevention, care and support projects across Australia. This program is made possible through the generous support of our partnership with Clipsal by Schneider Electric, where 50c from every smoke alarm sold across Australia is donated to the Burns Trust. Funds were provided for a variety of innovative and worthwhile burns projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.


Professional Development & Education

Thanks to the support of Smith & Nephew we were able to offer 6 Travel Grants up to the value of $1,000 each for burns health professionals to attend the ANZBA Annual Scientific Meeting which was held in Melbourne in October 2015. Priority was given to professionals presenting at the ANZBA ASM and to those who demonstrated an interest in sharing their knowledge with peers.

Through our Professional Development and Education Programs we awarded Louisa Wardrope a $1000 Masters of Burn and Trauma Rehabilitation Scholarship through the University of Notre Dame Australia in Western Australia. Based on the premise that rehabilitation starts at the time of injury, this course is designed for a broad range of health care professionals working across the wide spectrum of burn and trauma rehabilitation environments.

Patient Care Services

Our partnership with GM Holden continued throughout 2015/16 with two vehicles supplied for the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the Alfred Hospital in VIC. The vehicle housed at the RAH is driven by the volunteer group, Lavender Lads and Ladies and transports up to 800 burns patients a year who are rendered unable to drive due to their injuries, to and from hospital for ongoing treatments. The vehicle at the Alfred Hospital enables a trained burns nurse to provide critical burns training at regional hospitals and health services in order to improve outcomes for burns patients in regional and remote settings.

Our partnership with Tindall Gask Bentley (TGB) Lawyers and the establishment of the Chris Rainsford Legacy Fun enabled us to also cover urgent costs for burns patients and their families at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.