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Annual Report 2014/15 . CARE


In 2014/15 the Burns Trust was committed to reducing the incidence and impact of burn injury across Australia and New Zealand by advancing world class care through the National Community Grants Program, Professional Development & Education Programs and Patient Care Services.

National Community Grants Program

In 2014/15 over $123,000 was allocated to the burns community through the National Community Grants Program for the development of prevention initiatives and to advance care practices across communities of Australia. This program is made possible through the generous support of our partnership with Clipsal by Schneider Electric, where 50c from every smoke alarm sold across Australia is donated to the Burns Trust. Funds were provided for a variety of innovative and worthwhile burns projects in 2014/15.

Professional Development & Education Programs

The fifth Annual Burn Nursing Seminar was held in Sydney in May 2015 thanks to the support of our partnership with Smith & Nephew. The two day seminar was inspiring and educational and provided over 50 burns professionals from across Australia and New Zealand with the opportunity to share current best practices in the area of burns patient care.


Thanks also to the support of Smith & Nephew we were able to offer 10 Travel Grants for burns professionals to attend the ANZBA Annual Scientific Meeting which is held in October of each year. In October 2014 the ANZBA ASM also coincided with the International Society for Burn Injuries Conference. Through our Professional Development and Education Programs we also awarded two Masters of Nursing (Burns) Scholarships to advance burns care within the community.

Patient Care Services

Through our continued partnership with GM Holden the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the Alfred Hospital in VIC took delivery of their new vehicles in February 2015. The vehicle housed at the RAH is driven by the volunteer group, Lavender Lads and Ladies and transports up to 800 burns patients a year who are rendered unable to drive due to their injuries, to and from hospital for ongoing treatments. The vehicle at the Alfred Hospital enables a trained burns nurse to provide critical burns training at regional hospitals and health services in order to improve outcomes for burns patients in regional and remote settings.

In 2014/15, the Burns Trust together with Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers launched a new fund dedicated to supporting patients and their families at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The Chris Rainsford Legacy Fund is named in honour of the highly respected and much loved social worker who sadly lost his life to cancer in 2014. This fund will cover urgent, practical costs for patients and their families (such as parking and transport) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.