Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2013/14 . Support


“Suffering a burn injury is one of the most painful experiences anyone could endure”

Burn Survivor, 2014

Many burn survivors will say that everyday social interactions can present a real challenge. Going shopping, being in public places and taking public transport often means being stared at and many find it difficult to deal with the public's curiosity while dealing themselves with their changed physical appearance. 30-50% adult burn survivors complain of chronic and persistent social strain; difficulties coping with theirs or others behaviour in social situations.

20-30% of adult burn survivors demonstrate moderate to severe psychological and/or social difficulties. Long term psychosocial adaptation depends in a large part on a burn survivor's successful integration into community life and the supports they develop.

Additional challenges for a burn survvior are likely to include difficulty in managing their body temperature especially in hotter months and persistent itch of the scarred skin. They may suffer decreased sexual satisfaction, or be concerned about new relationships and intimacy. 

Strategic Direction

Our new Support strategy will include programs and initiatives that support burn survivors, their carers and family on the road to recovery with education, support and financial assistance to enable successful integration into community life and one that will see substantial growth over the coming three years. 

Being the only Australian national community organisation committed to a Burn Survivor Support strategy, the Burns Trust will work with burn survivors, burn professionals and community to provide best practice and evidence based programs and establish itself as a leader in burn survivor support. 

In July 2014, we will hold the inaugural Burn Survivor & Family Education & Support Forum in Adelaide with 30-40 burn survivors travelling from states across Australia. An exciting programme is being developed by a passionate committee of Allied Health burn professionals and burn survivors for the two day event with education and opportuntieis for participants to challenge themselves physically and mentally. We are very excited that Molnlycke and the Thyne Reid Foundation have agreed to come on board as our major sponsors.