Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2013/14 . National Community Awareness

2013 09 17 15.21.03

National Awareness & Prevention

With the view to increase the depth and sustainability of our prevention programs we have increased our networks and reach into states where we can facilitate education to those provide care and education to the high risk age group of 1-3 year olds, educate the older Australian population and reach other high risk groups with minimal financial or resource outlay.

0-2 Year Olds

The Pregnancy, Babies and Children (PBC) Expo's target audience is parents (and soon-to-be parents), grandparents and carers of babies and young children. In the past two years, children in this age range account for 31-33% of all paediatric burns that require hospitalisation according to the Burn Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ).

This year, along with our amazing burn survivor volunteers and with the support of our partner AGL and PWC corporate volunteers we attended PBC Expos in both Adelaide and Brisbane reaching in excess of 15,000 people through messaged merchandise and pamphlets.

6-9 Year Olds

Children in this age range absorb information readily and are also approaching another high risk age according to the BRANZ data. To raise awareness of high risk activities and situations around the home we are in the process of developing an app to be used on both iOS and Android smart devices. With thanks to our partners the app will be available in early 2015.

Older Australians

Older Australians fall within a high risk category due to changing physicalities and physiological abilities. For this age group scald burns are the predominant cause of burn injury. The most common activity at the time of injury is cooking, when scalds are caused either by hot fat or hot oil spills or by water from saucepans and kettles.  

Outcomes for older people suffering a burn injury are usually poorer than for younger people with similar injuries. This is due to age-related changes to the body’s physiology. As we get older we have a decreased ability to cope with the stresses placed on our bodies following an injury. 

As we age, it is important to understand these changes and how they can affect our own safety and those around us. By making small changes to our immediate environment or routines, we can all keep ourselves and our families safe. The Julian Burton Burns Trust, with the generous support of the RAA, BHP Billiton, SA State Government and the Fay Fuller Foundation, have developed a video Changing Bodies, Changing Needs targeted at burns prevention and first aid for the over 60's age group.

Regional Australians

People living in regional and remote communities across South Australia are at a high risk of burn injury and may have limited access to immediate medical assistance. Knowledge of the correct first aid for burn injury is imperitive in reducing the severity and the impact of a burn especially in the young, elderly or for those living in remote communities that have limited access to immediate quality burn care. Burns first aid will cool the burn sufficiently to stop the injury worsening, assisting with faster healing and lessening the chance of needing surgical intervention.

Through our attendance at the Tunarama Festival, we provided burns prevention and first aid education to approximately 5,000 people and received positive feedback from those who had seen us in previous years and assisted family or friends with burn injury first aid.

Community Service Announcements

We have been working closely with the National Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) Prevention Committee to develop a series of television and radio campaigns to highlight the high risk burn injuries that are evidenced by the Burn Registry of Australia and New Zealand. With thanks to a Clipsal Community grant, and support from Rye Pharmaceuticals we are currently transferring community service announcements from television to radio for wider distribution opportunities.

Community Events

We continue to provide education to high risk groups through community events. This year we have accepted invitations to provide education on burns prevention and awareness at Meals on Wheels, Mothers Groups, Scouting groups, Childcare and Community Centres and at the RAA Street Smart, Aboriginal Power Cup, AGL Safe Work day,  City to Bay fun run and Roxby Downs Community Day reaching in excess of 40,000 people.