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Annual Report 2013/14 . BurnSafe Schools Program

2014 05 06 10.52.12

"After spilling boiling coffee over me I ran to the freezer to get some ice but my Grandsons stopped me, instead urging me to have a cold shower for 20 minutes..."

During this financial year, the BurnSafe team has provided education in schools to 11,000 students. The BurnSafe educational take-home bags with information packs and home safety audit activities continue to be an effective way of reaching parents and increases our educational reach to around 20,000 people.

Throughout the past six years, our BurnSafe schools program has been reviewed and modified through continuous evaluation practices to ensure it provides students with information that is relevant and age approrpiate.

Feedback continues to be very heartfelt and positive "A great program that generated good discussion and made students see the relevance of their lives and decision making," Year 7 Classroom Teacher



 This year has seen significant changes to the BurnSafe mode of delivery as well as to our internal structure, enabling us to diversify, maximise resources and expand our reach.

We are very proud that the BurnSafe schools burn prevention program continues to have significant impact on the prevention and first aid management of burn injuries in community.

Interactive Whiteboards & Technology

Technology is increasingly providing opportunities for engaging students and involving them in their learning. The BurnSafe program has been modified for both BurnSafe Educators and classroom teachers to facilitate burns prevention in the classroom using the Interactive WHiteboard technology. To increase sustainability of the program and maximise resources for increased growth and reach we are working towards the development of a training package for classroom teachers; enabling the program to be a stand alone classroom resource available in 2015. 

BurnSafe Early Childhood Program

Young children are exposed to all kinds of hazards within and around their home and incidents with fire, flammable materials or hot liquids can easily occur that can cause serious or fatal injury and property destruction.

Some statistics include:

  • Children between the age of 12 and 24 months account for around 30% of all paediatric burns requiring admission to a burns unit
  • Approximately 3% of all house fires are caused by children playing with matches and lighters and 9% of all house fires involve children
  • According to one study, 24% of parents believed their child would not know what to do in the case of a house fire

The BurnSafe team is working collaboratively with Early Childhood care facilities and aligned agencies to develop an early learning program for delivery into childcare centres and kindergartens to educate young children on burns and fire risks in and around the home. The program will be piloted in 2015.