Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2013/14 . Message from the Executive Chair

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Julian Burton Burns Trust team, I take great privilege in presenting the Julian Burton Burns Trust Annual Report for 2013/14.

2013/14 has been an incredible and rewarding year, one of changes; both internally and strategically. We have refocussed our energies and implemented a number of strategic initiatives that reflect our new direction and that will enhance opportunities to become more sustainable in our program delivery and in our revenue generation. With our CEO, Julian Burton moving into an Executive Chair position it was necessary to re-evaluate our organisational structure and we created a General Manager position to develop and guide strategy.

We re-evaluated the work we do in community and, as a result of this, adjusted our three core tenets to Prevention, Care and Support with the aim to fill a void in the provision of support for the growing number of burn survivors across Australia and New Zealand.

Our restructure, including the engagement of a committed Fundraising & Events Manager and casual Education Officers has set the groundwork for more sustainable fundraising initiatives and program delivery, greater reach into the burns community and greater collaboration between the Burns Trust and burn professionals from all disciplines across the 17 burn services across Australia and New Zealand.

Highlights include burn injury prevention and education delivered to in excess of 50,000 children and their families across South Australia through BurnSafe, facilitating the annual National Nursing Seminar in Melbourne, distributing $102,000 in Clipsal Community Grants across Australia for the development of burns prevention and burn survivor support initiatives and to help enable the amazing work burns units across Australia and New Zealand do with the care of burn patients.

We also have celebrated the inspiring burn survivors who have joined the Burns Trust as Burn Survivor Ambassadors this year and we are continually inspired by their optimism and positive outlook on life.

We also farewelled two outstanding Board members, past Chair Erik Metanomski and Board member David Pourre and welcomed Sheila Kavanagh AM and Paul Brennan as two new Board members, bringing with them a wealth of burns knowledge and experience to the Board.

Our brand profile and position in the National burns arena has increased this year with the Burns Trust being requested to contribute to the burns debate through a panel at the Florey Institute in South Australia, focussing on the prevention, care and support of burn survivors as well as at the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association Annual Scientific Meeting where we were invited to present at the Welcome reception. We are extending our partnerships throughout Australian communities with corporates, governments and community agencies. In 2010/11 we had 28 partners plus schools who supported our work in community and fundraising efforts. In 2013/14 this number has increased by 121% collaborating with 62 partners and partnering schools to drive effective burns prevention, care and support initiatives across the country.

We are extremely proud of these achievements and also exceptionally proud of what the dedicated Burns Trust team has accomplished this year. The ongoing support of our wonderful partners who are instrumental to our work in reducing the incidence and impact of burn injury, we thank you. Many of our corporate partners have been long standing supporters and we have also welcomed a range of new partners to the exclusive but ever-growing Burns Trust Club, of which our partners are proud members. Our thanks are also extended to the work of the burn professionals across Australia and New Zealand who, without your strength, dedication and your generosity in sharing your world-class knowledge and skills we wouldnt have achieved what we have in these last 12 months through our Care and Support programs.

And finally to those very special people who touch our lives and give their time so generously to other, we thank you with a very special thanks to Anton Violente who received the special honour of being presented the Greenwood/Kavanagh award this year for supporting our BurnSafe schools program and tirelessly sharing his story with school children to help prevent burn injury across South Australia.

Warm regards

Julian Burton OAM                                  Deborah Bates
Founder & Executive Chair                     General Manager