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Annual Report 2013/14 . Professional Development & Education

Burns Nursing seminar 2013 Melbourne 131

Professional Development and Education

Our Professional Development and Education (PD&E) programs continue to grow to meet the need of burn professionals working in burns care and to increase our reach in Australia and New Zealand. Our strategy of working in collaboration with burns professionals is critical to the success of the Care programs. 

Our three key PD&E programs are:

  1. Annual Burns Nursing Seminar 
  2. Master of Nursing Science (Burns) Scholarships
  3. Conference Travel Grants

This year we have seen an increased involvement of burn professionals in our PD&E programs through travel grant and scholarship applications, seminar attendance and facilitation of education.

For the second consecutive year the Burns Nursing Seminar was held in Melbourne at the Alfred with 46 participants from across Australia and New Zealand. Feedback was positive with all participants either strongly agreeing or agreeing that the seminar was relevant to their needs and that their new knowledge and skills would improve their clinical practice. All agreed it met their expectations. To ensure nurses from across the country have equal access to PD&E programs, the seminar in 2015 will be held in Sydney.

Travel Grant and Masters Scholarship applications have continued to be highly sought after with three new scholarships totalling $16,335 and three existing from 2012/13 and ten travel grants at $1,000 each allocated for presenters or poster authors at the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association Annual Scientific Meeting in October.

We sincerely thank the burns nurses who are committed to increasing not only their knowledge and skills through participation in formal study but also to giving their time to impart their wealth of knowledge to junior nurses through our annual Burns Nursing Seminar programme.

Once again, we thank our long term PD&E corporate partner, Smith & Nephew for their continued involvement and support of these initiatives.