Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2013/14 . Care Overview

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“Suffering a burn injury is one of the most painful experiences anyone could endure. In addition to the physical trauma, feelings of loneliness, isolation, loss and grief are some of the psychological effects often associated with burn injuries”.

 Louise Higgins, burns survivor

Australia has one of the world's most admired and skilled burns communities with highly trained burn professionals working in burn units and burn services across the country. Burn surgeons and nurses, physios and allied health staff are committed to providing the best possible care to burn survivors while in the hospital setting.

Strategic Direction

The Julian Burton Burns Trust is committed to supporting world class care in our burn services. Our Care programs and services:

1. Provide resources to hospitals across Australia and New Zealand to enable the provision of high quality care within the hospital setting that will support burn patients’ physical, psychosocial and psychological healing

2. Enable the provision of professional development and education for burn nurses and allied health professionals to ensure their skills and knowledge remains at the pinnacle of burns care.

We are continuing to build our relationships with the 17 hospitals that have burn services across Australia and New Zealand and the over-arching Australia and New Zealand Burn Association. Our major corporate CARE partner is Smith & Nephew having had a long commitment to burns education and the Burns Trust and our community partner being the Lions Club of Brighton (SA). We sincerely thank them for their long term and ongoing support.