Julian Burtons Burstrust

Annual Report 2012/13 . Community Awareness

Education provided at community events meets our key objectives of reaching targeted community members at highest risk of burn injury according to hospital data.

To maximise our resources, we have been more strategic in which events we attend this year, with a focus being on the parents, grandparents and carers of young children, young men and older Australians. We have also brokered relationships with community groups supporting ‘new arrivals’ to combat challenges associated with changed living conditions and unsafe behaviours.

Community events this year have included: Pregnancy Babies and Children’s expo, Royal Adelaide Show, Retirement and Lifestyle expo, RAA’s Street Smart, Port Power’s Closing the Gap expo and other smaller events.

10,149 students Number of students and their families educated through BurnSafe
22,000 people Number of community members engaged at community events
1,000,000 people Number of potential viewers through prevention media campaigns
668 hours Number of Volunteer hours in community programs
$18,336 Monetary value* of Volunteers in community programs


* Calculation based on year 2010 average wage rate by hour of $27.45 as published in ‘Economic Value of Volunteering in South Australia’ report by Duncan Iromonger

Volunteer Involvement

We thank our BurnSafe and Community Education volunteers, without which we wouldn’t be able to have the reach in community. It is the tireless enthusiasm of our volunteers that enable our programs to develop and expand.

Program Partners

BHP Billiton, South Australian Government, Fay Fuller Foundation, AGL, Key Invest