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Annual Report 2012/13 . Professional Development & Education

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To provide a range of opportunities for burn professionals to achieve internationally recognised best practice burn care.

We know that, despite best efforts through community prevention and awareness activities, burn injuries will always happen and when they do, the long term effects can be devastating.

Burn Units and their staff across Australia and New Zealand are considered the highest skilled on the Burns world stage with their advanced treatment and care practices. The Burns Trust is committed to ensuring knowledge and skills are maintained and strengthened and skills’ sharing is available through all 17 burn units/services. With support of our partners, we work alongside the Australian and New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA) to provide a range of opportunities for burn professionals to keep up-to-date with world class best practice.

Our Care programs include:

  1. Master of Nursing Science (Burns) full scholarships at University of Adelaide, SA
  2. Travel grants to attend the annual Australian and New Zealand Burn Association Scientific Meeting
  3. Annual Burns Nursing Seminar series

This year we have facilitated these programs with a focus on national support. Outcomes include:

  1. 80 nurses with increased skills and knowledge through the facilitation of the Burns Nursing Seminar
  2. Three (3) new and two (2) continuing scholarships provided for the Masters in Nursing Science (Burns)
  3. Ten (10) travel grants awarded for Burns Professionals (Nursing, Allied Health and Social Workers) to present at the ANZBA Annual Scientific Meeting

“After more than 20 years of burn nursing the scholarship from the Julian Burton Burns Trust and Smith & Nephew partnership, has allowed me to return to study and build on my experience with additional theoretical knowledge. I am… inspired by the diverse perspectives presented before me and look forward to the continued challenges the Masters of Burns Nursing will offer” 

Erin Nihill, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Burns Nurse SA

“Already some of the learnings from… workshop and the conference presentations have been transferred into practice here at the RCH”

Kate Miller , Royal Children’s Hospital, QLD

Program Partner

Smith & Nephew